Helping SaaS companies grow their MRR
Email Marketing for profitable customer conversions and less churn
"If you need some 🔥 email marketing, have a chat with Paul. Came up with an awesome set of onboarding emails for my software in <7 hours."
- Ethan, Founder (KanbanMail)
What We Do
We're an Email Marketing agency for SaaS companies offering strategy, copywriting and execution for your email campaigns.

Everything we do is focused on increasing your MRR through more conversions on the front end and reducing churn at the back end.

We do this in 4 parts of your sales funnel:
Visitor to trial
Make your content strategy work for you and capture email subscribers on your website with enticing lead magnets and content upgrades.

We'll build the email sequences that seamlessly takes cold visitors to enthusiastically signing up for a free trial.
You got someone taking a free trial. Awesome! Now the clock is ticking to take them from new user to seeing the value of your product.

We'll create the emails that will help the user get to the "AHA" moment and happily convert to a paying customer.
User engagement
Continue showing paying users the value of the product and strengthen your brand with regular email messages.

We also work on promoting upgrades to premium offers and converting from monthly to annual subscribers (the cashflow friendly option).

And of course, brand advocacy - who better to promote you than existing happy customers?
Churn win-back
Some customers will churn. It's a sad fact of life.

But it doesn't mean they are gone for good. As your product evolves, new features become interesting to old customers.

So if you still have permission to contact them by email, why not let them know what they are missing out on?
"I needed to have my Landing, sales page and email follow up (4 day sequence) for my software rewritten to improve conversions. 

Paul has been brilliant. The subject matter is very complex but he understood it in enough detail to produce amazing copy for all aspects of the campaign. He got deep into the user persona and their pain points and desires. 

I won't be using another copywriter and I highly recommend."
- Hitesh Mistry, Founder (GDPR Tracker)
Who We Are
A team of Email Marketing experts, focused on helping successful SaaS companies achieve profitable MRR growth with email.